Meet Bernie Ellis

Meet Bernie Ellis - The Blueberry Farmer



Beginning in a former moonshine holler in the hills of Tennessee, The Blueberry Farmer is the story of Bernie Ellis, and it is absolutely a story worthy of telling.

Bernie Ellis - The Blueberry Farmer

Tennessee's Favorite Felon


The Nashville press once called him, “Tennessee’s favorite felon.” Over the years he has endeared himself to hundreds of people in his community as they have come to know his story.


The Day That Changed His Life


One day, in 2002, Bernie was bush hogging a pasture when he noticed a helicopter circling overhead.

As he watched it lower just over the treetops, making a tight circle, he knew his life was about to change forever.  Seven pounds of usable plants were confiscated as evidence when Trace View farm was raided by the police.

Bernie had been growing medical cannabis for nearly fifteen years. Aside from using it himself for his own ailments, including a degenerative spine and fibromyalgia, he was also freely providing it to patients within the community who were suffering from terminal illnesses such as AIDS and cancer. 

After admitting to owning the cannabis plants, the skilled and respected epidemiologist, who once earned over $100,000 per year, found himself living on food stamps, and unable to find work due to his arrest record.

But instead of giving up, he reinvented himself as an organic blueberry farmer.

As you enjoy a meal at many of Nashville’s fine dining establishments, Bernie’s blueberries will probably be on the dessert menu.